Games For Your Kids in the Swimming Pool

Kids Swimming

Water safety is extremely important for children, as is having fun swimming. Introduce your children to various pool games to achieve the combination of these two key elements. Games like “Marco Polo”, “Shark Attack” and “Limbo” are all playful ways to ensure that your child enjoys the learning experience while becoming more comfortable in the water. Not only will these games improve their swimming skills, but they will also build strength and stamina.

Crocodile Hunter

Create a classic, memorable game for an outdoor pool party with the Inflated Crocs and Hula Hoops activity! Guests of all ages can test their agility, strength, and reflexes to compete in this aquatic race. The goal is simple: float a croc into the pool, have players use the hula hoops to wrestle it out of the water. Then, sprint to the shallow end in record time. With a dash of strategy and an abundance of laughter, your next pool party will feature a classic but wildly entertaining event that everyone will be talking about!

Freeze Tag

Both children and adults can enjoy the thrilling pool game of Modified Freeze Tag. To initiate the game, designate one player as “it.” Their objective is to tag any other players in the water. Once tagged, a player must halt and raise their hands above their head in a popsicle-like stance until another player swims through their legs, defrosting them.

A great benefit of this version of freeze tag is that no one can be tagged while in the water. This makes it safe for all ages to play. The best environment for this game is in a shallow area so that all players can comfortably keep their heads above water. After a minute or two has passed, players should switch off being “it” and continue the game until each person has had a chance to join in on the tagging action.

Swimming Pool

Marco Polo Swimming Game

Enjoyable in pools of all types, Marco Polo is a delightful game. To commence, select a participant as the “it” player. This individual either closes their eyes or wears a blindfold while counting to a predetermined number to begin.. Meanwhile, other players should scatter throughout the pool.

Once the count ends, the “it” person begins to try and tag other participants by using nothing more than the sound of their voices, calling out “Marco” while the others respond with “Polo”. When the “it” player tags someone, that person then takes on said role, and the game starts over again. With each round, Marco Polo becomes increasingly exciting and unpredictable!

Shark Attack

Playing the game “Shark Attack” is a great way to encourage teamwork, cooperation, and physical activity. The player chosen as the “shark” starts out in the middle of the pool while all the other players (the “minnows”) gather at one end. When the shark yells “GO”, the minnows must swim across to the other side without being tagged by one of the sharks.

When a player gets tagged, they become part of the shark group for future rounds. As more minnows get tagged, it becomes increasingly difficult for the remaining players to evade their pursuers and reach safety. However, if a player manages to survive until all others are tagged, they win the game.

Float Race

The time has come to start the game! Ask your players to get on their floaties and form a line at one end of the pool. Designate someone to act as the referee and take their position at the other end. When they shout “Go” let the race begin!

Hilarious havoc will ensue as players rush to the other side. Remember, any players that fall off their floaties are immediately disqualified from the competition. The winner will be declared when the first person reaches their destination, but don’t forget that fun is always more important than speed! Enjoy the challenge and have a blast.

Belly Flop Contest

Belly-flop competitions are a great way to bring people together and have some fun! Players take a brave dive into the water and show off their biggest, loudest, and most awkward belly flips for all to enjoy. The diver who gets the most cheers (or laughter) for their performance is deemed the winner.

It’s an exciting activity that will be sure to create plenty of memories. Not only do the participants have the opportunity to show off their skills, but they also get the chance to watch others make a splash in unique ways. Participants in belly-flop competitions often come out feeling empowered with a sense of accomplishment as they put themselves out there in front of an audience.

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Key Takeaway

When it comes to water safety and enjoyment, introducing children to various pool games is an ideal blend of learning and fun. Games like “Marco Polo,” “Shark Attack,” and “Belly Flop Contest” not only help children become comfortable in the water but also enhance their swimming skills, build strength, and promote teamwork. From the classic to the innovative, these pool games offer engaging ways to ensure a safe and exciting aquatic experience for all ages.

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